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Working Wardrobe will help to solve the catch-22 that confronts disadvantaged women trying to enter the workforce. Without a job how can they afford a work suit; without the skills and confidence how can they gain an interview and without a work suit how can you get a job?  


The aim of Working Wardrobe is to work with disadvantaged women returning to or entering the workplace and to gain the skills and confidence they need to improve their chances of seeking and securing a job. Once they have a letter confirming an interview Working Wardrobe supplies the women with a work suit which is then theirs to keep. 


Working Wardrobe

While working alongside Government agencies on ‘Back to Work’  projects, it became apparent that the women attending the courses had a desire to return to employment. However due to lack of available money (most were on benefits or managing a very tight weekly budget) the practicality of having enough spare funds to purchase a suitable outfit for an interview prevented many women from applying for a job.


Working Wardrobe goes further than any other ‘Back to Work’ project by offering a complete package of tailored workshops focused on developing women’s confidence and interview skills.This is then followed by a one-to-one mentoring scheme which is linked to the Suiting Programme where women are then offered a work suit.



An interview suit is more than just clothing; the suit helps to give women the self-esteem they need to feel they have the confidence required to attend an interview and secure employment.

Donations of work wear

Help us fill our hangers by making a donation


You can make a difference to a woman's life.                                                               

Simply arrange a clothing drive within your organisation. We will ensure every interview-appropriate suit, blouse, top, shoes and handbag or accessories donated to Working Wardrobe  goes directly to the Suiting Program

If you're interested in hosting a clothing drive, contact                  Working Wardrobe who will be happy to advise you or just follow the simple steps below:

STEP1:                                                                                       Target a specific time, for example, an event or a three-day period, during which employees can bring their donations to work.Try to avoid times of the year where employees are more likely to be on holiday or busy with other things such as summer holidays, Christmas etc. Then contact Working Wardrobe  to book a coordinator to help with the clothing drive.                                                      

 STEP2:                                                                                             At least one month before the clothing drive inform your employees about Working Wardrobe and its mission, perhaps by sending them the link to this website.

Encourage them to clean out their wardrobes and collect

unwanted garments. Men can also become involved by telling

partners and female friends and relatives. Then publicise the 

clothing drive by sending an email, putting an article in your internal newsletter, or using posters and flyers. All donations need to be clean and in a ready to wear condition.


STEP 3:  

During the week of the clothing drive arrange to have an empty coat rack to collect clothing donations and a box to collect accessories.


 STEP 4: 

On completion of the clothing drive Working Wardrobe will arrange to transport the donated garments to our office.



 Guidelines for Donations of Clothing:


Please ensure all items are:

  • Freshly dry-cleaned or laundered and ironed
  • Not more than 4 years old

We accept the following items of ladies clothing: 

  • Business Suits
  • Skirts and trousers                
  • Dresses
  • Tops and blouses
  • Handbags 
  • Shoes     
  • Jackets
  • Coats
  • Accessories 
  • All clothing MUST be appropriate for interviews and the work place.  




   Help us fill our hangers by making a donation


















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